Frequently Asked Questions


How did you develop your style? It's so detailed and colourful!

By accident/playing around. You can see my digital journey documented on DeviantArt. Starting with this artwork published on Mar 27, 2013: Click on "all" upper left and you get a good overview.


Which software do you use?

Mostly Krita, the best painting tool in the galaxy. I also like to work with Blender, Inkscape and Gimp (for final color corrections).


Can I use your art as a profile picture?

If this is your personal page:

  • You can use my art for your profile picture, avatar, or icon, but only if there is some way to clearly credit my work. For example on Facebook, please include my website and/or in the image description. On Twitter please add credits by adding my twitter handle (@sylvia_ritter) in your bio. On a forum, please include a credit line in your signature.

  • If there is no way to credit me for the image, please refrain from using it as your profile picture.

  • Please don't alter the colors and don't add your own content: e.g. text, smileys, emojicons.

  • Don’t sell my art or claim it as your own.

  • Layouts: I only allow my artwork to be used in layouts if my website link ( is visible on the image being used. Please e-mail me again before using my artwork in a website layout so that I can indicate whether I approve of its use or not.

If this is a group page, community page:

  • Please ask me for my consent and don't use it without my permission.

If this is a commercial page and/or fan page:

  • If you're interested in licensing my artwork for commercial use (includes pages which accept donations), please contact me again. No use allowed without my consent.


What is the best place to support your work?

The best way to support my art is via my shop and  my Patreon page.

If you are interested in games you can also support our (duangle is a timey wimey wibbly wobbly two-headed independent game studio) alien life simulator "Nowhere" currently in early access.  Release date: TBA.


I saw that several people illegally sold your work. Where can I buy legal merchandise outside of your realm?

 Currently only here:


Can I license your artworks?

If you're interested in licensing my artwork for commercial use, please contact me at 

I am not interested in having my artwork licensed for use as DIY kits, so please do not contact me about those and refrain from creating and selling products without my consent.


Do you have a price list for commissions?

Every commission/project is different. If you are interested in working with me please send me an email with more information (e.g. publisher's/musicians's name/alias, desired usage rights, project details).


Can I get a tattoo with one of your designs?

First of all, I am very honored, but please contact me before you get a tattoo with my art. For a fair fee, this is possible. You might ask why.

The tattoo artist gets paid for tattooing my artwork, so she/he can do her/his job and I would love to continue making art, too.

I also do tattoo commissions if you are looking for something special.